Anesthesia Manifold:
A need was brought for an anesthesia manifold that would have valves with very precise cracking pressure, and be resistant to damage by lipids.  A design was created and proven and a unique material chosen to withstand lipids.  This material, polyester, was very difficult to mold, and only one major molder in the country was willing to undertake the project.  The product was successfully tooled and is now being successfully marketed.

Drug Vapor Recover System:
One of the very first drug-device combination products was brought to us to develop the device side.  In this project for what is know as partial liquid ventilation, a perfluorocarbon drug is instilled into a patientís lung.  Once in the lung, the drug evaporates and is exhaled along with carbon dioxide and water vapor.  The project involved the recovery of the drug as it was exhaled.  This was accomplished by chilling and condensing the exhalant, separating the condensed liquids, filtering and sterilizing the drug and making it available for reinstillation to the patient.  This system successfully completed clinical trials.