Seed placement for prostate cancer treatment:
A need was brought to us to develop an device to introduce small metal “seeds”, similar to brachytherapy seeds, into the body as part of a treatment for prostate cancer.  A gun-like device was developed that holds a needle for introduction of the “seed” into the body and automatically fed a “seed” from a magazine into the needle and subsequently into the body.

Petri dish for laser manipulation of cells:
A need was identified for a Petri dish with a flat thin window through which cells could be moved around by laser.  The Petri dish, similar to a standard small dish, required a 1 cm diameter window in a 13 mm thick wall.  The window was to be 0.25 mm thick and flat within 0.1 mm.  A very specialized mold was developed that could mold the dish, and then “coin” the window to establish precise thickness and flatness.